Partner With Us

We are looking forward to the possibilities of:

  • Work outsourcing
  • Short-term / Long-term association

In following areas:

  • Web design & development
  • Web promotion & maintenance
  • Software development (onsite / offsite)
  • Integrated EPOS Solution for retailers.
  • Integrated e-business solutions

By working with Art, you have:

  • Reduce & Control operating costs
  • Private label work
  • Accelerate production & eliminate backlogs
  • Share risks
  • Access to world class capabilities
  • increased market penetration
  • price competitiveness
  • enhanced work quality
  • faster turn-around time
  • impressive work references
  • streamlined outsourcing processes

Outsourcing - a new buzzword widely accepted in today's business world. Enter into a relationship with a service provider like us, by outsourcing your work. Surely, it makes sense to invest in technology that relieves your tension and gain customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing/partnering opportunities

Art offers three options to partner with us:

  • Outsourcing Partner
  • Associate Partner
  • Referral Partner

Outsourced Relationship
This model is suitable to mid-size or big web/software development agencies that are willing to outsource their part of development work. Additionally this opportunity is also helpful for web a consultant who wants to outsource development/maintenance/marketing assignment for their online ventures.

Associate Partner
This model is suitable to small or mid-size web/software development agencies, consultants and individuals who want to start-up their web business. In this relationship Art will be working more as part of the business ,willing to take more risks in our activities and will not only provide development support but also help you to generate leads & other pre-sales activities.

Referral relationship
This model is suitable to the companies/individual willing to generate additional business stream from their existing business contacts. We pay a fixed commission for all the sales your referred customer brings in for the life time not just a one off or for an year as many companies do. A very easy way to build up an ongoing revenue model for your business.If you need any help in selecting the right model please contact us at Our sales consultant will be glad to assist you to select preferred model.

Sales enquiries

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India: +91 (0) 484 241 5244
Rest of the world: +44 (0) 1753 290070

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