Software Packaging Workflow Management System

Technology : Smart Client, ASP.NET, SQL server 2005

Industry : Software Product Development

Location : Newbury, UK

Requirement: Customer had a software product which automated the packaging, release and deployment stages of software deployment for large to medium scale businesses. The solution was implemented across many fortune 500 companies across Europe and US. Now with the changing requirements and market dynamics of software packaging industry , there was a need to upgrade the product to support the recent trends in packaging like Cloud technologies, Microsoft ACT, Microsoft Appv etc. The current development team used by the company was not delivering to their expectation. They were using an offshore company but lack of vision of the UK market and ability to communicate efficiently with the offshore team was affecting the project execution severely. Arts team on assessing the situation and understanding the complex nature of the product suggested a mix of onshore and offshore team. An onsite project manager gathered the requirements , did system analysis, prototyping and planned the project delivery. For programming, Arts offshore centre in india was used. The customer benefitted in having total control over the product development and still had the low cost benefits of using an offshore centre.

Solution Provided: The solution was Developed on c sharp and running on MS SQL Server . The system was web based with windows Smart client and web pages.

Features of the system are:
  • Integrations with Microsoft Appv, Symantec solutions.
  • User defined work flow
  • Integration with SQL Reporting Tool.
  • It helps to organize and prioritize projects
  • Dashboard to view items at a glance
  • Reminder options
  • Facility to collaborate and assign issues to other members of the organization
  • Asset management Solution
  • Custom user interface
  • Customizable Solution
  • Facility to import and export data
  • Helpdesk Management
  • Legacy System Integration
Energy Data Monitoring

Technology : Silverlight

Location : North England, UK

Industry : Energy Monitoring Company

Requirement:In need of a web based system with good data visualization, dash boarding and reporting features. Their existing system was limited in its capabilities of data processing. The company is one of the top energy monitoring solution provider companies in North England and providing a system to their customers who can efficiently process the energy data and visually present it in a meaning full manner was imperative to their products success.

Solution Provided:Web based system using Microsoft .net silverlight technology was designed and delivered by Arts engineering team. The data visualization and dash boarding was delivered using Visifire silverlight control. The large amount of data from the energy sensors was efficiently stored in Sql server using indexing/ partitioning. The system calculated energy costs based on different tariff setting send out different alerts and was integrated with SMS systems.

Mobile Solutions For Merchandisers

Technology : Windows Mobile 6.0/GPRS

Location : Surrey, United Kingdom USA

Industry : Sports   Leisure

Requirement: Retailer with over 100 outlets in leading sports  leisure centres across UK like Esporta, David Lloyd, Holmes place and in major high street across UK had big challenge for their inventory control due to the constant movement of stock across the cubes. They were also severly limited due to the lack of IT infrastructures at the cubes. For their business model to succeed, it was vital that accurate stock level information of various cubes was available in real time at the head office and for the merchandisers to restock the items. The merchandisers moved the stock around in van with the stock for cubes and followed a laborious process of restocking the cubes due to lack of real time information.

Solution Provided: A .net mobile application developed with c Sharp and running on Symbol MC70 with windows mobile 6 was designed and developed by Arts engineers. The symbol mc70 comes with inbuilt scanner. The mobile application worked with sql server mobile version for data storage and manipulation. This enabled the merchandisers to perform the stock control activities at the cubes. The stock information was communicated via GPRS through a hosted web service to the head office. This meant the head office was able to see all the stock movement across the enterprise in real time. Additional features included different user profiles, new stock creation etc.

Inspection Solution For Automobiles

Technology : JSP and Struts

Location : Texas, US

Industry : Automobile

Requirement: Mitsubishi Retailer Application Features
The Mitsubishi Retailer Application is a part of the Inspection Solution project of Manheim Auctions. It comes as one of the User Applications of Inspection Solution. The website handles the various aspects required by the field Inspector of Manheim Auctions.When a vehicle is asked for resale to Mitsubishi Retailer, the field Inspector from Manheim Auctions goes to the site and performs a FIR of the conditions of the vehicle and also takes photographs of the vehicle.

The application makes it possible for the inspector to enter the details of the inspection and also upload the photographs to the Inspection Solution system through the website.

Inspection Solution: The Inspection Solution handles different clients like GMAC, Mitsubishi Retailer, BMW, Mercedes, Wells Fargo and Chrysler for resale and auction of their vehicles.

The system has various User Application used by these clients, vehicle Inspectors and Call Center personals which accesses Application Services like Assignment service, Condition Report Service and Scheduling Service.

The resale request from the various clients and call center are handled using the assignment service. These requests are scheduled to various field Inspectors by the Scheduling service and the Inspectors enter their Inspection finding to the Condition Service. There are different interfaces for the various clients, Call center personal and the Inspectors these interfaces are connected to the central database. The access to the database is handled by the web services.

Technology Used:
  • Presentation: JSP and Struts
  • Web Service: Axis
  • Database: DB2
The 4 layers used in the system are
  • Resource layer that will have the database
  • Business layer that will contain the webservice and business delegate information
  • Presentation layer that will contain the tag libraries, struts action forms and controller, action classes and JSP
  • Client layer will have web browser through which the users can view and edit the information
Online ticketing system

Technology : ASP.NET, SQL server 2005

Location : Wembley, UK

Industry : Tour Coordinator

Requirement: Customer is a UK based leading tour coordinator. They were looking for an online ticketing system to improve the efficiency of operations as well as to provide better service to their customers.

Solution Provided:Developed an online ticket booking system using ASP.Net and SQL Server 2005. The developed solution contains reservation system with a web content management system. It has the features of reserving schedules, searching the availability, voucher parking allotment, walk-in booking facilities and legend tool program. System contains many advanced options like enable/disable booking dates; edit the scheduled tour program as well as facility to use promotional offers or coupon codes. Tour operators will get email alerts when users register/updates their information. Booking   Reservation Engine help to keep track of payments, reports   commission. This solution enables documentation also. Management can keep the history of the inquiries and details of customers. A CRM module also integrated with the system.

Hospitality solution for Restaurants

Technology :, C#,

Location : Melbourne, Australia

Industry : Hospitality

Requirement: Our client runs a hotel chain in UK and he was looking for an online solution to manage their inventory and optimize their profits. Client required a tool with inventory control, customer tracking, full reporting, and an easy to use interface

Solution Provided:Developed and installed RMS integrated hospitality solution in which not only details food and beverage costs but also manage lot of activities. The main features of this software include
  • Facility to enter purchases, orders and even catering events
  • Ability to know all the inventory usages and margins instantly
  • Determine the optimum selling price on every item by setting desired cost percentage.
  • Identify portion costs and yields for precise recipe management on all batch recipes.
  • Create recipe cards or menu books for all of the recipes. It help to Identify how price changes on each menu item are impacting overall food cost.
  • Very easy to analyze the closing inventory values instantly using FIFO, Last Cost, or Average Cost.
  • Module to analyze unit costs between suppliers
  • Facility to Export purchase transactions to many popular accounting systems.
  • It is also possible of employee Timekeeping, Employee Scheduling and online ordering
  • Online ordering and management


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