SilverLight Development Services

About SilverLight
Silverlight is a cross platforms and rich internet application (RIA) which can integrate multimedia, graphics and animations on a single runtime environment. This rich environment brings the features and functionality of traditional desktop applications into the web application. RIA-s typically transfer the user interaction (UI) processing necessary to the web client while leaving the bulk and complicated data processing at the application server.

SilverLight Features

  • Multi-Threading
  • Windows Media Server Support
  • 2D Vector Animation/Graphics
  • Support for Visual Basic.NET and C#; Common Language Runtime (CLR) based languages
  • Support for CLR based Languages
  • Support for IronPython, IronRuby, Managed JScript, and other Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) based languages
  • AJAX Support
  • Rich Core Framework (e.g. Generics, collections)
  • Templating Model
  • Multi-Threading
  • HTML DOM Integration
  • Layout controls including StackPanel and Grid
  • Managed Control Framework
  • Full suite of Controls (TextBox, RadioButton, Slider, Calendar, DatePicker, DataGrid, ListBox, TabControl, and others)
  • Media & Content Protection
  • Managed Control Framework
  • Media Markers
  • Templating Model

SilverLight Architecture
The basic architecture of the SilverLight environment is as follows

This architecture incorporates today’s large array of tools, protocols and technologies thus providing the following advantages.

  • Ability to create the same user experience across browsers and platforms.
  • Integration of data and services from multiple networked locations and multiple platforms.
  • Stylish & attractive User Interface with multimedia content.
  • Bundled solutions for diverse technologies under one framework and platform.

Why use our SilverLight development Services

  • Skilled at utilizing Microsoft Expression Blend 2, Design 2, Adobe Photoshop, and other design tools.
  • Familiar with all kinds of design pattern and keen in choosing the best solution to meet the exact customer requirement.
  • Full command over the features of Silverlight.

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