Time & Material

As the name suggests the customer will be charged based on the resources utilized and the time spent for the project.

This is the best method for implementing projects which are longer in duration and where the project specifications evolve as the implementation progresses. Large scale and complex projects are best executed using this approach.

The objective of any software project is to find a solution to a business problem. This model allows the software service provider and the client together to arrive at that solution. The best suitable solution possible to resolve the business problem can be delivered to the client. The focus is more on the solution and the specifications evolve to fit the business solution.

This model has a start point from various stages viz. post specification, pre-specification, post architectural design etc. A comprehensive scenario will involve problem definition, solution definition, research, business analysis, specifications, visual mapping, architectural design, documentation, coding, change management, testing, roll out and support.

The effort estimation for all the elements for all stages at the beginning of the project is usually involved and complex. You and Art prioritize and scope each element. Art prepares an effort estimate for that stage, defines the promised deliverables for that element and states the assumptions involved.

The implementation of each element is embarked upon with a provision for change management and assumption updates. The effort is charged on a pre-agreed hourly rate based on the quality of resource engaged. Art and Client agree on a change management practice and provide room for the same.

Art’s effective project management ensures that effort is estimated and implemented in an effective and controlled fashion to reduce time and cost overruns.

This process is repeated for each of the elements until the solution is delivered in its entirety.

Art has considerable exposure and experience in implementing time and material projects. The client benefits from the strong business analysis, research and project management experience of Art in achieving the desired business solution. Managing complex projects needs expertise in various aspects of project management and a symbiotic and close interaction of various skills and tools. Art has the advantage of having all of them under one roof.

The benefit of this model is that it provides a business solution for complex business problems focusing on a solution framework and using diverse skills. The benefit of this model is tangible and is dependent on the level of expertise of the service provider you choose.

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